Our three founders, from left to right, Sergio, Gino, and Johnny

Meet The Team

Johnny and Sergio went from $150 collectively to over $750K per year with their business Orange Window Cleaning over a 5 year span. While overcoming multiple challenges, they successfully created a fully remote method of operations which allowed them to invest just 5 hours of their time weekly into the business. 

They then met Gino, a seasoned digital marketer and high-ticket consultant who saw the potential of the business model and its ability to impact thousands of individuals' lives. Johnny & Sergio then exited Orange Window Cleaning, Gino cleared his client book, and the three joined forces to create Home Service Academy. Through use of their skill sets and expertise the company grew rapidly. Home Service Academy has now helped launch over 600+ remote cleaning businesses across North America. 

Our Culture

What makes our culture unique? At Home Service Academy every team member will go the distance to fulfill our mission to help our students create six-figure incomes through starting a remote cleaning business. It is not only our company's duty, but also the sole responsibility and duty of each team member to play their part in order to ensure the success of our students.

Home Service Academy

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