Our story

Our two founders walking on site
Our three founders. Sergio Silesky (left), Gino McCullough (middle), and Johnny Robinson (right)

tHE founders

Johnny and Sergio went from $150 collectively to over $750K per year with their business Orange Window Cleaning over a 5 year span. While overcoming multiple challenges, they successfully created a fully remote method of operations which allowed them to invest just 5 hours of their time weekly into the business. 

They then met Gino, a seasoned digital marketer and high-ticket consultant who saw the potential of the business model and its ability to impact thousands of individuals' lives. Johnny & Sergio then exited Orange Window Cleaning, Gino cleared his client book, and the three joined forces to create Home Service Academy. Through use of their skill sets and expertise the company grew rapidly. Home Service Academy has now helped launch over 600+ remote cleaning businesses across North America. 

7 business' launched


2 successful exits


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our journey as enterpreneurs


In 2018, Johnny & Sergio launched their first business selling window cleaning to local businesses...

Orange Window Cleaning continued to grow and we acquired two new window cleaning companies to expand our team...


In order to branch out to a new industry, and to retire Johnny’s mom, we launched our remote house cleaning business Mary and a Mop...

At the start of 2022, we decided to take our expertise gained from years in the trenches building remote home service businesses and to start helping others break free from their 9-5s following the strategy that gave us such strong success.


Our Mission

At Home Service Academy our mission is to serve our students and provide them a true path to creating six-figure cash flow for themselves and their families.

For too long, the online education space has been filled with recycled and regurgitated information that no longer serves those looking to escape the corporate 9-5 world to create something bigger for themselves. We’re here to change that. 

Two of our founders in front of their company vehicle, back when they owned Orange Window Cleaning
Our founders talking to a client

Building A Business Is A Skill, Not A Lottery

You don’t have to be the smartest in the room, have tens of thousands of capital to invest, or have 60 hours a week of pure dedication to build a business that gives you financial, time, and location freedom…

All you need is hard work, and a proven path provided by those that have done it before. Let us guide you. 

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